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Something for everyone

Programmatic Advertising Self Booking

Self Booking

Set up, run and evaluate campaigns independently and easily. Not dependent on third parties.

Programmatic Advertising - Creative Generator

Creative Generator

Create display advertising materials in your chosen design with no programming knowledge. Up to 13 formats simultaneously.

360-Grad Rundum-Reporting - AdUnit

360° Reporting

The 360° live reporting keeps you on top of everything. Social media, Google and web analytics plus the performance of all channels in a single report.

Create advertising banners online – simply and inexpensively

We like to keep things simple. Especially when placing and managing online advertising. Do you feel the same way?

It's good to know we're on the same wavelength. Programmatic Advertising by AdUnit reduces the workload of your marketing department and also saves time and money. With the Creative Generator, you can easily create advertising banners online and deliver the advertising campaign directly. From as little as CHF 500 per month, you are represented on relevant websites – and only one click away from your target group. Sound good? Sign up now for free and try it out!

One tool for everything

  • No management fees
  • Brand-safe templates
  • Multi-region targeting

Customer Center

The Customer Center is your control center. Here everything happens in one single location. And by everything, we mean everything. A Creative Generator is integrated in the Customer Center, which enables you to design your online advertising quickly and then deliver it to specific target groups. Then you can sit back and enjoy the live reporting. Our platform is really the easiest Programmatic Advertising tool there is.




Display Advertising

What to look for in advertising materials.


Native Advertising

Success with Native Advertising.


Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising, easily explained.

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