Programmatic Advertising – the perfect supplement

We integrate your digital inventory into our Customer Center. In addition, you and your customers benefit from reach extension via programmatic buying.

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Programmatic Advertising tool for publishers

Why settle for complicated when you can do things efficiently and easily? That's right. That's why we have developed a Programmatic Advertising Tool that makes your work as a publisher much easier – and offers your customers real added value.

We connect your systems with the Customer Center and reduce your internal effort to an absolute minimum. You can also integrate your digital inventory. It gets even better: In accordance with the motto "more is more" you and your customers additionally benefit from reach extension via our AdUnit network. Sound good? Sign up now for free and click your way through the dashboard.

One tool for everything

  • Simple booking process
  • Reach Extensions
  • Geo-Targeting

Customer Center

The Customer Center is your control center. Here everything happens in one single location. And by everything, we mean everything. A Creative Generator is integrated in the Customer Center, which enables you to design your online advertising quickly and then deliver it to specific target groups. Then you can sit back and enjoy the live reporting. Our platform is really the easiest Programmatic Advertising tool there is.

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